Egghart Seminars

Together with Egghart Consulting at Newport Beach, California

Your success depends on the success of each individual's talent and enhancing the quality of your workforce. The challenge to win the hearts and minds of talent is tougher than ever. We provide continuous training for your employees in diverse technical issues as well as management topics to cultivate and engage your personnel. These seminars, in-house or at other locations such as Southern California and Las Vegas, bring industry leaders together for in-depth and thought-provoking discussions that you need for a talented management team. EJ Egghart, MBA, CPA founded Egghart Seminars in 2008 to assist Tribes’ efforts for enhancing their workforce through training seminars. EJ has worked with Indian Tribes and Casinos as an auditor and consultant over the last 18 years, and the Egghart Seminars are a fruition of her passions and beliefs on quality training for the Indian nation.